Giving A Ride

Helping Hands Giving a Ride – Imagine what it would feel like to lose your transportation independence. Limited and lost access to transportation creates barriers to food, medication, household management activities, and social activities. For many older adults, this is a daily struggle, as men are likely to live six years beyond their driving expectancy, and women eleven years. ACCA conducted a local Transportation Needs Assessment Survey and 88% of those surveyed said a new transportation program for seniors was needed.

Get Involved, Give Back, and Make an Impact by Giving A Ride

Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to help transportation dependent seniors get to life sustaining and life enriching destinations. Volunteer Drivers may set their own schedule based on availability, and are asked to commit to at least one round trip per month.

Volunteer Drivers: Volunteers use their own vehicles to help transportation dependent seniors get to life sustaining and life enriching destinations.

Becoming a Helping Hands Volunteer – The first step toward becoming a Helping Hands Volunteer is to submit the appropriate paperwork. There are five items to be reviewed and completed in order for you to begin service. All paperwork is available in hard copy form at ACCA or is readily available online.

  1. ACCA Volunteer Registration Form: Please complete. This form can be submitted electronically or as a hard copy.
  2. Helping Hands Enrollment Form:  Please complete.
  3. ACCA Background Check: Please complete. Volunteers must complete and pass a Background Check. If you will be transporting clients as a volunteer, we also include an MVR check with the background check. Although the agency cost of the background check is $35, this fee is waived for Helping Hands volunteers.
  4. ACCA Volunteer Handbook Rev 2013: Please read in its entirety and then sign and submit the final three pages: Confidentiality Agreement, Handbook Acknowledgement, and Photo Release.
  5. Client Protection Assurances Training: This interactive, online training module provides potential volunteers with the training necessary to recognize and follow HIPAA guidelines, protect client confidentiality as well as adequately understand ACCA’s Code of Ethics and each individual client’s rights and responsibilities. Following completion of the online training module, you must successfully submit and pass the training quiz at the end of the presentation.  This training will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Upon receipt of these items and following a satisfactory Background Check, Helping Hands staff will review your submitted information. Once approved, we will contact you and set up a time for volunteer orientation and any other additional trainings required for the volunteer job (see job descriptions for more information).

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