Senior Community Service Employment Program

What is the purpose of the Senior Community Service Employment Program?
The Senior Community Service Employment Program, known as the SCSEP, has a dual purpose: to provide useful part-time community service assignments for person with low incomes who are 55 years old or older, while promoting transition to unsubsidized employment.

What are the eligibility criteria?
Eligibility criteria are based on age, income and place of residence. The applicant must be 55 years of age or older. The family income must be at 125 of poverty or below.

What are the benefits of enrollment?
Trainees are paid $7.25 per hour (starting July 24, 2009) for an average of 20 hours of community service per week. No trainee may be paid for more than 1300 hours annually.

Trainees develop marketable skills through performing community service assignments at training sites that are non profit agencies.

Other benefits include the opportunity to co-enroll in the Workforce Investment Act or Adult Training Programs to develop or increase occupational skills; annual physical examinations; development of job-seeking skills; counseling and referral on personal and job-related problems. Enrollees also gain a renewed sense of self-esteem through involvement in community service activities; and assistance in obtaining unsubsidized employment.

How is the community service assignment program determined?
Upon enrollment, each individual is assessed to determine the most suitable community service assignment and to identify appropriate employment, training and support service objectives. The assessment is made in partnership with the trainee, and considers that person’s preference of occupational category, work history, skills, interests , talents, physical capabilities and potential for transition to unsubsidized employment.

SCSEP Useful Information and Materials:

SCSEP Application

SCSEP Standardized Timesheet

SCSEP Participant Handbook 

SCSEP Host Agency Handbook

If you have specific questions about our SCSEP program or would like more information, please give ACCA a call at 706-549-4850.

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