ACCA Employees

Jennie Deese - President/CEO Eve Anthony - Vice President/COO  Andrew Neighbors - Chief Financial Officer
KaDee Holt - Chief Marketing Officer
Cheryl Dean - Director of Nursing for Adult Day Health Keith Adams - Long Term Care Ombudsman Jessica Bankston - GeorgiaCares Coordinator
   Erin Beasley - Senior Corps Program Director Tony Lay - Director of Transportation
 Heather Sweaney - Center for Active Living Manager Robin Miller - Coordinator, Long Term Care Ombudsman Program  Emory Griffith - Senior Service Corps Program Assistant
 Francis Marshall - Bentley Adult Day Health  Paige Powell - Program Director, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren  
Betty Warren - Bentley Adult Day Health Joanne Beck - Winder Adult Day Health  
Cindy Keating - Bentley Adult Day Health Delores Bolton - Center for Active Living Program Assistant Tosha Sims - Bentley Adult Day Health
Jessica Craft - Home Delivered Meals Trippe Ross - Winder Adult Day Health Stephanie Arp - Financial Operations Manager
 Thom Strickland - Activity Coordinator, Athens Adult Day Health  
Sheila Dubose - Bentley Adult Day Health  Amber Bland, CAL Member Services Manager J.R. GREEN - Transportation Team
   Greg Crumbsy - Transportation Team  Candy Trammell, Home Delivered Meals Program Specialist
 Mattee Barkdol - ACCA Case Manager Connie Lavelle - ACCA Receptionist Annie Lumpkin - Bentley Center for Adult Day Health
Debra Oliver - Center for Active Living Program Assistant  Norma Presnell - Winder Adult Day Health  Michelle Sims - Bentley Center for Adult Day Health
Kimberly Stula - Bentley Adult Day Health    Christina Opel - ADH Compliance RN
   Gail Taylor - Transportation Team  Elizabeth Thompson - Winder Adult Day Health
 Teresa Wilson - Winder Adult Day Health  Kenna McConnell - Center for Active Living Plus Gayle Oliver - Bentley Adult Day Health
 Kimberly Johnson - Winder Adult Day Health  Vicki Long - Financial Specialist  Maria Green - ACCA Consultant

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