Transportation Services

ACCA Transportation Crew

Gail Taylor, Myron Colquitt, Greg Crumbsy, J.R. Green, and Tony Lay make up our great Transportation Team

Our Transportation Program serves the needs of older commuters whose transportation needs are not met by traditional services. The service is an escort service. Our drivers are trained to assist you in both your point of departure, the transporting vehicle, and your destination.

Transportation services are available for medical appointments, pharmacy visits, shopping, Adult Day Health services, community based programs, and other social service activities and essential community resources. Specialized transportation for those using wheelchairs are available.

Demand/Response Service
Demand/Response is a specialized part of our transportation system.  It provides support to older adults and /or those with disabilities, as well as those with low incomes.  The service allows these individuals to access essential resources needed to remain living in their community.

We have been providing Transportation services since 1979.  Our drivers undergo a thorough criminal background check as well as regular extensive driver history reviews from the state Department of Motor Vehicles.  They are trained and regularly re-certified in CPR, First Aid, Driver Improvement, Passenger Safety and Services, as well as attending regular in-service trainings to update knowledge and skills.

Payment Sources
This program is for individuals 60 years or older.  For those meeting the low income criteria there is no direct charge for the service,  but we do encourage and accept donations.    For individuals with incomes above the poverty threshold there is a fee of $10.00 per one way trip to offset the cost the vehicle operations.

Tony Lay - Director of Transportation

If you have specific questions about ACCA’s transportation services, please give Tony a call at 706-549-4850 or you can email him at



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