ACCA Welcomes Volunteers for GeorgiaCares

From left to right, Melissa Parker, Nghi Nguyen, Micah Hughes, and Charlie Fair.

ACCA welcomes a great group of second year pharmacy students and partner volunteer to help with the the GeorgiaCares program during open enrollment.  Charlie Fair, Micah Hughes, and Nghi Nguyen are from UGA’s College of Pharmacy and are second year pharmacy students. They will be working with the GeorgiaCares program this fall (September through December) and will be working with seniors on reviewing Medicare options and benefits.  Melissa Parker comes to ACCA as a partner volunteer from Lanier Gardens.  Melissa is employed by Lanier Gardens in Athens and is now a Volunteer Counselor. She is available to help Lanier Gardens and Talmadge Terrace residents with Medicare questions, concerns, and problems.

During this open enrollment time, any beneficiary enrolled on Medicare can change, drop, or enroll in the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program or Medicare Advantage Plan program.  It is very important to pay close attention to any mail you may receive this fall regarding your plan and any changes noted to your plan. This notice could signal that you may need to look for other coverage for 2012.

Staying up to date on your plan and being well informed is key in knowing what your best options are.  It is always a good idea to check on your plan’s coverage just to make sure the medicines you are taking now will be covered next year. Although, you should receive information through the mail on coverage and formulary changes, it is a good idea to consult with someone just to make sure you didn’t miss the piece of mail or overlook the changes.

If you have questions about your plan, you may contact the GeorgiaCares office to go over your options. Your local contact for GeorgiaCares is Jessica Bankston and she can be reached at 706-549-4850 or you can call the GeorgiaCares office at 1-866-55-AGING.

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