$2,500 Grant Helps People and Their Pets

$2,500 Grant Helps People and Their Pets

For many people, pets are more than a pet. For Mary, Charlie Brown is her best friend and life companion. When Charlie became ill, Mary realized she couldn’t afford his medical bills. Luckily for both Charlie Brown and Mary, she is a client at the Athens Community Council on Aging.

At the ACCA, we understand the significant difference that pets make in our lives. This year, the ACCA received a $2,500 grant from Meals on Wheels America to help fund an amazing program designated to pet care.  The program called “Will’s Pet Pantry” provides food, supplies and care for pets of local Meals on Wheels participants. The namesake of the program Will Seagraves knew first hand the impact and importance of pets on people.

The grant makes it possible to get Charlie Brown the care he deserves and help Mary keep her fury friend around. Due to the generous support of the Seagraves Family, Meals on Wheels America and donations from the community, people can enjoy the many benefits of owning a pet without the financial burden

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