Thank you for sharing your time and talents!

We are thrilled to have you join ACCA as a volunteer, and want to help you get started as quickly as possible! Here are your next steps, easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Registration form and the Background Check Consent form.
  2. Review the Volunteer Handbook.
  3. Complete the Client Protection assurances training and take our short quiz

Step One: Paperwork (exciting, we know!)

Volunteer Registration Form

Background Check Consent Form

Please complete and submit the online Volunteer Registration form. Upon submission you will receive an immediate email confirmation from Bailey Mason (, please reply to the confirmation email and attach your completed Background Check Consent form.

Step Two: Review The Volunteer Handbook

The Volunteer Handbook has been developed over the years to be an informative resource to go to when questions arise or if you are looking for insight on ACCA’s mission and vision statements, client confidentiality, code of conduct, insurance information, etc. You can find your copy here:

ACCA Volunteer Handbook

Please review the handbook and complete pages 15, 16, and 17.

Step Three: Client Protection Assurances

Click on the training below, review the slides and take our short quiz at the end (bonus points if you can tell us who our rockstar is on the quiz entry page).

Client Protection Training

Step Four: We’ll Contact You

We will be in touch to get you scheduled for your first volunteer shift. Thank you! ACCA is so grateful for the support of our AMAZING volunteers, like YOU!



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Connections, Winter 2023

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From Eighteen to Eighty: How Volunteerism Brings Generations Together

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2022 Annual Report

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