Athens Senior Hunger

The Athens Senior Hunger Coalition is a new initiative aimed at combating senior hunger in the Athens area through programs and partnerships with local organizations who share our goal. Almost 9 million older adults in the United States are at risk for hunger, and Georgia is 8th in state rankings for older adult risk of hunger. The “Squash Senior Hunger” Coalition ensures that all ACCA clients are food secure with a commitment to serve all older adults within our community.

What does the Athens Senior Hunger Coalition do?  The Athens Senior Hunger Coalition has various goals including:

  • Creating and enhancing our partnerships with other area agencies and organizations who share our goal of ending hunger.
  • Raising awareness of senior hunger in the Athens community.
  • Identifying older adults who are food insecure using standardized measurements.
  • Creating innovative, sustainable, cost-effective, and outcome driven interventions.

Our partners include the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, Campus Kitchen at UGA, Talmage Terrace, and the University of Georgia Food and Nutrition Program.

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is a network of friends working to feed the ill, needy, seniors, and children of northeast Georgia. Our mission is to work toward ending hunger as part of an overall community effort to alleviate poverty.

Campus Kitchen at UGA’s mission is to reduce food waste while simultaneously feeding a vulnerable population of seniors in the Athens area through a student powered food rescue and redistribution initiative.

Talmage Terrace is a unique retirement community offering several living choices. For over 30 years, Talmage Terrace has provided a vibrant, safe community. Home to the University of Georgia, Athens provides a stimulating environment ripe with opportunity.

The UGA Office of Service-Learning (OSL) supports academic service-learning and community engagement initiatives designed to enhance the students’ civic and academic learning, while promoting engaged research that is responsive to community needs, and contributes to the public good through mutually beneficial community-university partnerships. The mission of the UGA Department of Foods and Nutrition within the College of Family and Consumer Sciences is to prepare students to function as professionals, to meet changing needs of society and industry in the areas of Foods and Nutrition, to generate scholarly work in our discipline, and to educate the public about special issues in nutrition and foods.

UGArden seeks to promote the social, environmental, and nutritional benefits of sustainable gardening through the creation of a student-run community garden.

Courtesy: America’s Health Rankings. Click on map for more information.

Hunger is a growing issue for older adults, particularly as our population continues to age.  Almost 9 million older adults in the United States are at risk for hunger, and Georgia is 8th in state rankings for older adult risk of hunger. 9% of Georgia residents, aged 50 and older, are food insecure. Approximately one out of five (20.4%) Athens Clarke County (ACC) residents are food insecure, which is higher than both state and national statistics.


What impact has the Athens Senior Hunger Campaign made so far?

  • In 2012, we distributed 10,000 meals and over 55,000 pounds of food to more than 375 clients of ACCA and community seniors.
  • Rates of food insecurity decreased from 36% to 6% for Meals on Wheels clients.
  • Rates of food insecurity decreased from 32% to 3% for the Center for Active Living clients.
  • Rates of food insecurity decreased from 60% down to 33% for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren clients.
  • Campus Kitchen provided approximately 600 meals and 250 pounds of supplemental food each month to over 150 of ACCA clients and their families.

How can you help?
Although we have made a substantial impact so far, we need to keep our efforts going in order to sustain the results. Essentially every one of our programs requires volunteer help, and we love to see new faces.

If you would like to DONATE to these efforts, please CLICK HERE.

Click through our programs below to learn more about volunteer opportunities!

ACCA Community Garden
Lunch Buddy Program
Mobile Food Pantry
Route 17: Take Out Tuesday
UGArden Produce Stand

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