Becoming an ACCA Volunteer

The first step toward becoming an ACCA Volunteer is to submit the appropriate paperwork. There are four items to be reviewed and completed in order for volunteers to begin service at ACCA. All paperwork is available in hard copy form at ACCA or is readily available online by clicking HERE.

  1. Volunteer Registration Form: Please complete. This form can be submitted electronically or as a hard copy.
  2. Volunteer Background Check Form: Please complete. Volunteers must complete and pass a Background Check. Background checks are submitted to a national agency and the individual cost of the background check is $35.  We ask all potential volunteers to please consider the sponsorship of the background check fee ($35). The safety and security of ACCA staff and clients is a priority and we appreciate your willingness and participation in sponsoring your background check. However, we never want the sponsorship fee to be a barrier to service. Please contact the Director of Development and Volunteer Services in this circumstance. Per Federal regulation, Senior Corps volunteers will not be asked to sponsor the ACCA background check fee.
  3. Volunteer Handbook: Please read and complete acknowledgement pages. All volunteers must read this Handbook throughout as well as sign and submit the Confidentiality Agreement and Acknowledgment pages at the back of the Handbook.
  4.  Client Protection Assurances Training: This interactive, online training module provides potential volunteers with the training necessary to recognize and follow HIPAA guidelines, protect client confidentiality as well as adequately understand ACCA’s Code of Ethics and each individual client’s rights and responsibilities. Following completion of the online training module, all potential volunteers must successfully submit and pass the training quiz at the end of the presentation.

Upon receipt of your Volunteer Registration Form, signed Handbook pages, completion of the online training module and following a satisfactory Background Check, the Director of Development and Volunteer Services will review your submitted information. ACCA works hard to ensure that you are matched in the best volunteer position! Your skills and abilities, educational background, and volunteer interests serve as a guide for ACCA in placing you in the most mutually beneficial volunteer position.

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Click for ACCA Background Check

Click for ACCA Volunteer Handbook

We are always looking at new ways for individuals, businesses, families, or groups to get involved at ACCA. Do you have a great idea for us? Tell us how much we need you!
For volunteer information, contact Erin Beasley at (706) 549-4850 or you can  email ebeasley@accaging.org

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