ADH Honors Sundance Rehabilitation

Continuing with the theme of Care, Compassion and Community, ACCA will celebrate National Adult Day Health today by honoring those who offer care and compassion to our clients.  Sundance Rehabilitation partners with ACCA to provide therapy services to improve or maintain a client’s abilities to walk without assistance, as well as training on how to use assistive devices, such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs.  The therapists can also assist clients that may be having trouble with self-care, home-management tasks, and leisure activities. Rehab services are provided to those clients who have had recent strokes or other illnesses, are at an increased risk for falls or who need general assistance to maintain optimal health. The Sundance team puts in many hours with the clients that attend the Adult Day Health Centers, both in Athens and Winder.

“Viola”, a client at ADH for almost 5 years, has received therapy services from the Sundance team, on several different occasions.  She states that her foot used to slide when transferring, thus making her have frequent falls.  After receiving services from the Sundance Rehab therapists, she has learned ways to prevent her foot from sliding when she transfers. “They are the nicest, and have the sweetest disposition”, states Viola.

We are so thankful for our therapy team from Sundance Rehab!

-Cheryl Dean and Thom Strickland, Bentley Adult Day Health

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