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Tailgating resources for a great gameday!

Cooking and cooling gear Tailgate N Go Portable Outdoor Kitchen 12 Lightweight portable grills Coolers for tailgating Tents/canopies SOLI Air Canopy Neso Sideline Tent Rawlings Sideline Sun Shelter Tailgating clubs Bulldogs Tailgate Club Club Dawgwood Other resources UGA disability parking Wheelchair removable table More tailgating tips


Beating the Heat Together: ACCA’s Fan Drive Provides Relief for Older Neighbors

We all know how uncomfortable it can get in the peak of summer. Temperatures hover between the high 80s and 90s and make us thankful for the A.C. and fans we do have. But, what would life be like without those luxuries? Your house would likely heat up fast and […]


Hey Students, Swap Sunscreen for Service: Volunteer with ACCA!

School’s out! (Well, almost). As you’re prepping for summer, why not learn a little about how you can spend your days in the sun at ACCA? We sat down with Volunteer Coordinator, Ezra Schley, to get his take on volunteer opportunities for students this summer.  1.Why do you believe volunteering […]


Take Me Out to the Ball Game: An unlikely duo find common ground through baseball and Meals on Wheels

David and Luther  “My wife, Benita, first volunteered for Meals on Wheels, but had some other things come up. Benita said, ‘I think it’s time for me to give up the route.’ And I had actually ridden with her a couple of times and was semi-retired. So, I said don’t […]


Leslie: Recognizing Need In Her Own Backyard

“The one thing you learn when volunteering for Meals on Wheels is that a lot of these seniors are homebound, and their loneliness is a big element. I’ve learned that sometimes they don’t see a lot of people, and it’s nice to take the time to chat, ask how they […]


Harvey and Sylvia: Discovering Unexpected Friendships

“I first learned about Meals on Wheels through our neighbors, Tom and Ann, who have each been handling routes on Monday mornings for probably fifteen years. Having heard of many of their experiences, Tom allowed me to ride with him on his route one Monday morning. That’s all it took […]


Beverly: Volunteering Through Generations

“My husband’s dad, Bill, was actually a Meals on Wheels volunteer for several years in Athens. He even won an award as one of the best volunteers. My mother delivered for Meals on Wheels, too. So, I learned from Bill and my mom about the whole Meals on Wheels process. […]


What Older Adults LOVE About ACCA!

We think our members are the BEST around and couldn’t miss the opportunity to highlight a few of them. We sat down with a handful of our participants to discuss what they enjoy about ACCA. Their answers had us blushing. Read them below!    David   David’s been coming to ACCA […]


Top 10 Podcasts for Older Adults – That Aren’t About Health!

Growing older is filled with a variety of experiences, and yet, most content for older adults is focused on health and fitness. These topics are important (and we do cover them at ACCA), but we also believe there is so much MORE involved in aging. Aging and living well means […]


Starting Feb. 6, ACCA Host Free Aging Mastery Program

The Athens Community Council on Aging is empowering older adults to build their own personal playbooks for aging and living well. Starting Feb. 6, ACCA will host the Aging Mastery Program at its Center for Active Living and virtually on Zoom from 10:30 to 11:30 A.M. Created by the National […]

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