Thanks Phi Sigma Pi

Photo by Stephanie Bergamo

It was a wonderful spring day last Saturday, March 31 in our community garden and we were so excited to have the Phi Sigma Pi group come out and volunteer with us.  They took on several different projects… Some planted ornamental perennials. These plants, though still in winter dormancy, will add floral color to the garden and attract a diversity of pollinators throughout the summer. While others focused upon weeding along the slope of the ‘upper cornfield’, along the ‘lower cornfield’ fence line, at the base of the ‘watermelon patch’, and wherever else weeds were encroaching. All the weeded areas were then mulched, which helps to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and build soil structure. Where the terrain was flat, cardboard was placed beneath the mulch, further to benefit both cultivation practices and soil structure. One member of our group pruned the snapdragons while another fertilized those and other existing perennials. We are so appreciative of Phi Sigma Pi for their March 2013 workday at the ACCA Gardens and are looking forward to other events in the future.   Meanwhile come back and visit, for as the spring season continues, we will have more and more vegetable crops to admire, adorned by the ornamentals.  Thank you and Hooray to Phi Sigma Pi.

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