Bowling Night!


Refined Singles Unwind is a social club whose sole purpose is to encourage older adults in the Athens community to get out and have fun!

The next event will begin at 5:00 P.M. on Thursday, May 26th at Showtime Bowl on Macon Highway. All skill levels are welcome, so we hope to see you there! Afterwards, there will be an optional dinner at George’s Lowe Country Kitchen. Attendees will receive cards with their contact information that they can exchange at the event.

There is limited space available so make sure you RSVP to Nikaela Frederick 706-549-4850 or nfrederick@accaging.org with
•             Your Name
•             Phone Number
•             Email Address

Refined Singles Unwind is a result of the GRU/UGA Medical Partnership and ACCA working together to serve our community.

Here’s how you can help our mission