ACCA Hold Annual Meeting

ACCA held its annual meeting this afternoon where staff, volunteers, and board members were recognized and thanked for their efforts on making 2014 a successful year for ACCA.  Jennie Deese, Chief Executive Officer, of ACCA welcomed and opened the meeting.  She then thanked outgoing board members for their years of service to the agency.  Outgoing board members that were recognized were Shelby Lacy, Rhondolyn Smith, Linwood Smith, and Connie Jeffreys.  Joe Frierson, III, Treasure for the Board, then installed the new board members and officers.  New board members are Dr. Ram Reddy, Paige Otwell, Laurie Douglas, Dr. Katheryn Davis, Robert Hardell, Ross White, Joyce Kitchens, and Henry Brown.  New officers for the coming year are Mariah Pierce, Chair; Shannon Wilder, Vice President; Joe Frierson, Treasurer and Julie Gaines, Secretary.

Nita Norris and Jennie Deese recognized 4 staff members for years of service.  Paige Powell and Elizabeth Thompson were recognized for 5 years, Cheryl Dean for 10 years, and Robin Miller for 25 years with ACCA.

Each year, ACCA presents staff awards to recognize excellent leadership and work ethic.  This years awards went to Heather Sweaney, Kimberly Johnson, and Mattee Barkdoll.

Check out pictures by clicking HERE and the video below.


ACCA – Our Story Continues… from KaDee Holt on Vimeo.

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