ACCA Thanks Angela Irvin

Angela Irvin first became involved with the Center for Active Living (then known as the Athens-Clarke Senior Center) at the Athens Community Council on Aging several years ago as she attended trips and outings with her grandmother.  Angela served as a caregiver for her grandmother, bringing her down from New York in order to ensure her proper care. In early 2012, after her grandmother passed, Angela began volunteering regularly in the Center for Active Living (CAL), doing pretty much whatever is needed.   Angela volunteers at CAL multiple times a week, and serves as a jack of all trades.  Angela assists our elderly clients sign in each morning, helping them register for meals and activities, serves lunch and helps with clean up.  Angela has lead center activities, such as bingo and walking group.  She also regularly participates in volunteer opportunities for other events, such as our annual Holiday Tea.  Angela demonstrates superb interpersonal skills and has shown that she is capable of interacting with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Even on days Angela cannot spare a great deal of time, she has been known to stop by before we even open to get things set up. Angela has shown herself to be a dedicated volunteer, often using the city bus to get her here.  As a 20-year veteran of our nation’s military, Angela is used to a life of service.  Angela does whatever is asked of her (and more) with a smile on her face and clearly enjoys the volunteer experience. ACCA would like to thank Angela and let her know how much we appreciate her!!

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the Center for Active Living or other areas of ACCA, please contact Sarah McKinney at 706-549-4850.

Submitted by Trippe Ross, ACCA’s Center for Active Living Plus Program Manager.

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