Banfield Charitable Trust Awards Grant to Local Meals on Wheels Program

Banfield Charitable Trust states on their website that many vulnerable pet owners such as low-income families, seniors, the disabled, and homeless people their pets are their only companion and sometimes literally their only reason for living.  In addition, many of these people have contact with one person a day and that person is the local Meals on Wheels volunteer.  It only makes sense that these two organizations would work together to maintain the quality of life of the people they are serving.

Athens Community Council on Aging was recently awarded $1150.00 for use of pet food, pet food storage, pet supplies and grooming but most all of the funds will be used towards getting pet to food to the Meals on Wheels clients.

“We are so excited to receive this grant again from Banfield and it is great that we have the new PetSmart open in our area.  This program has been so important to our clients and we see firsthand the importance of keeping their pets with them as they age but also keeping their pets healthy.  They depend on each other and this grant and donations of pet food from community members is such a great way to give back to your community,” stated Heather Sweeney, Center for Active Living Manager at the Athens Community Council on Aging.

Since 2004, Banfield Charitable Trust has been working to keep pets and their people together.  Tens of thousands of people are confronted with financial hardship or serious medical conditions that force them to make the difficult decision to give up their pets. Low-income people and seniors are most at risk of being separated from their pets yet a growing body of scientific research shows physical and mental health benefits to people with pets in their lives.

Check out the recent article in the Athens Banner-Herald by clicking HERE.

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