George Anglin – A Success Story

George Anglin joined the Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) following several years of unemployment. Upon enrollment, Mr. Anglin expressed a willingness to do “anything” as long as it was work. During our assessments we learned that Mr. Anglin had a high mechanical aptitude. We identified UGA as a potential training site, but knew Mr. Anglin would need to obtain a GED in order to be hired as a permanent employee at UGA. When George learned this, he said that he would do what was needed to in order to succeed.

Mr. Anglin reached his employment and educational goals in a far shorter time than we thought possible. In eight months, Mr. Anglin prepared for and passed all sections of the GED. As he worked towards his GED, George impressed his coworkers and supervisors in the Preventive Maintenance Shop, Facilities Maintenance Division at UGA. The culmination of this dedication came in May 2013. On May 8th, George participated in Athens Technical College’s 2012-2013 GED Graduation Ceremony. On May 16th he attended the Finance and Administration Employee Recognition Ceremony, during which he was recognized as one of 16 Merit Award Finalists out of 103 nominations. George was selected from this group of finalists as the Newcomer’s Award recipient. The Newcomer’s award is presented to an employee who has shown initiative, reliability and dedication to the University. (Nominees all have less than two years of service at UGA).

We are so happy for George, and cannot thank everyone at UGA enough for the training, support and opportunities they have provided him. We are proud to partner with UGA and all of the non-profit and governmental agencies that train SCSEP participants.

Happy Friday and Happy Older Americans Month!!

Written and submitted by Carol Ann Adams, SCSEP Program Director.

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