Senior Corps Week – Outstanding Volunteer Maxine Love, Foster Grandparent

Ms. Love has been a valuable asset to our classroom.  She has evolved into so much more than a volunteer!  She goes beyond that with the love and how interactive she is with the children. She reads, plays, talks, and laughs with them. We call her “Grandma Love.”  She has been an encourager for me! There are days when I get a “little” stressed and she will simply say, “You handled that so well.” Those few words mean so much coming from her.  I have so much respect for her. My co-teacher left during the year to pursue another job and Ms. Love has been there to support me in the classroom.  She is aware of our daily schedule and just jumps in to help where she can. She brings love, patience and consistency into the classroom. She comes in with a smile and the children are so happy to see her (and so am I). She is very courteous and kind to our teen mothers.  Thank you so much to Senior Service Corps for sharing her with us!  She is truly an inspiration and a valuable asset to your program and ours. We already want her in our classroom next year!

Submitted by: Sonia Holloman, Child Development Specialist
Outstanding Volunteer: Maxine Love
Program: Foster Grandparent at Early Head Start in Clarke County

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