Senior Corps Week – Outstanding Volunteer Howard Benson, RSVP

Howard is what I would consider an “all-star” volunteer. Howard has been a volunteer for Winder HDM since July of 2009 and has been an excellent addition to this program. Howard is the kind of person that can make you smile just by spending a few minutes with him. Howard is always eager to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile; He drives a once a week or more and fills in for volunteers when they have to be out. There have been many days where he has driven more than one route and he is trained and can drive any of the four routes. If ever a route is out, Winder HDM can always count on Howard. Not only does Howard deliver with a smile and exceptionally upbeat attitude, but he genuinely cares about the clients he serves. Howard not only has a heart for seniors as he also volunteers for the YMCA several days week driving a bus full of kids before he stops by the Winder Adult Day Health center to deliver Meals on Wheels. His truck, who he has nicknamed GT (green truck) is also always full of other seniors in Barrow County who he helps transport to doctor appointments, grocery stores and pharmacies. Howard shows great concern for the people on each route by leaving detailed reports on each client when he returns from the route. The client’s safety and well-being are of upmost importance to him. In 2011, Howard drove an outstanding amount of miles. He drove over 5,000 miles while delivering meals to the people of Barrow County, which accounts for roughly 300 hours of his time over the course of the year. Howard is a wonderful person to know and Winder HDM is so grateful to have a volunteer like him!

Submitted by: Mary Beth Toles, HDM Program Specialist, ACCA   
Outstanding Volunteer: Howard Benson
Program: Meals on Wheels Volunteer

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