Small improvements can make a big difference!

Small improvements can make a big difference!

In 2019, ACCA’s Center for Active Living received a generous grant from the Thanks Mom and Dad Fund to upgrade our audio/visual system. You could say our projector system dated back to the 20th century “stone ages”, with lots of wires and trip hazards, not to mention its share of technical snafus.

Thanks to the grant, we were able to install an updated, seamless and completely wireless system. Set up time, ease of viewing, and sound and picture quality were instantly improved. Today, it means less time setting up a projector and more time to share information, inspiration and a few laughs with friends.

Check out our “Before and After” video to see the dramatic results! Thank you to all our donors and sponsors who make upgrades and program improvements like these possible. Your generosity, big and small, truly makes a difference.

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