Turkeypalooza 2020!

Turkeypalooza 2020!

TurkeyPalooza is an annual event that partners ACCA and the Office of Service Learning Campus Kitchen at UGA to provide a full thanksgiving meal to food insecure older adults.

Thanks to your generous donations, we raised $22,823, exceeding our goal of $14,500, to provide over 1,350 Thanksgiving meals to older adults in our community.

With your help we can not only ensure that our community seniors are able to safely gather around the table for a day of thanks, but also fund senior hunger initiatives for the entire year! Woo-hoo! We are so incredibly thankful for your support in helping others age well!

A special shout out to those who helped make Turkeypalooza happen! From donating turkeys and canned goods to volunteering their time, we could not have done it without your help!

Thank you, Campus Kitchen at UGA, Jennings Mill Country Club, Creature Comforts, Hughes Subaru, Epting EventsUGA Office of Service Learning, Melinda and Ken from White Tiger, Wal-Mart at Epps Bridge, Bell’s, Trader Joe’s and, of course, those who donated and our fabulous volunteers who helped pack bags, deliver turkeys and load cars!

Students from UGA Office of Service Learning helping bag canned goods.


Students from UGA Office of Service Learning helping bag canned goods.


Jeff and Mo with Epting Events helping Carlos at WalMart load turkeys! (L to R: Jeff, Carlos, and Mo)




ACCA’s Meals on Wheels Subaru loaded down with canned goods!

The cars are lined up and our seniors are here bright and early to receive their Turkeypalooza goodies!



ACCA Adult Day Health Nurse, Jan Grissom, and Senior Hunger Vista, Flannery McAleer, getting ready to load Turkeypalooza bags.


ACCA Adult Day Health Care Partner, Kia Roach, adding pie shells to prepackaged grocery bags.


Staff members and volunteers loading up ACCA’s Meals on Wheels Subaru for Turkeypalooza deliveries around town.


Pictured here are some of our fabulous staff members at ACCA! (L to R: Debra Oliver, Nikki Brown, Kia Roach, Shayla Smith, Jan Grissom, and Robin Lacrimosa)


ACCA’s Adult Day Health Care Partner, Shayla Smith loading up fresh collards, bags of groceries and turkeys to be delivered to local seniors.


Ken and Melinda, owners of White Tiger, are long time volunteers with ACCA!


Thank you, Creature Comforts, for joining us and directing traffic! Pictured here are Ellen Everitt, ACCA’s Volunteer Coordinator, and Eve Anthony, ACCA CEO, with Creature Comforts staff members.

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