US Congressional Representative Visits ACCA

Pictured L to R: Jennie Deese, CEO of ACCA; Donald Raines, Center for Active Living Member; Andrew Thorne, Representative of US Congressman Paul C. Broun; Kenna McConnell, Center for Active Living Manager; and Franklin Morrison, Center for Active Living Member

Recently, Donald, a Center for Active Living member wrote a letter to Congressman Paul C. Broun. In the letter, Donald wrote about his time at ACCA and how much he enjoys coming to the Center for Active Living each day.  In his letter, he requested a few things from Mr. Broun, one of them being “To work with the staff of ACCA so that it shall always be sufficiently funded so that the Athens seniors shall continue to enjoy and to experience that activities, services, events and programs ACCA offers.”  Donald told us about the letter but did not expect to get anything in return. Well, he did! The office responded telling Donald that either Congressman Paul Broun or an office representative wanted to visit ACCA in the next couple of weeks.  This morning, Andrew Thorne, a representative from Broun’s office came to visit ACCA and talk with Donald.  Kenna McConnell, Center for Active Living Program Director, had this to say “My heart is filled with joy to know that our clients are putting themselves out there and advocating for ACCA!”  Thank you Donald and we appreciate the attention you brought to ACCA.

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