WE DID IT! Giving Tuesday Update

WE DID IT! Giving Tuesday Update

Dear ACCA friends,

We did it! Three simple words. One small phrase. But today, it embodies so much more. To me, it evokes a sense of pride, compassion and community. For our seniors, it means more nourishing meals during a time of uncertainty.

ACCA’s goal for Giving Tuesday was $5,000. This amount covers a week’s worth of emergency food relief during COVID-19 for 200 seniors. On a global day of giving, you had many choices of giving to organizations that are important to you. We are honored that so many chose ACCA.

Yesterday, the ACCA community of veteran and new donors came through. With the help of a very generous donor who matched donations, we TRIPLED our goal! We raised over $16,000! This means meals for 600 seniors have been covered for a week.

I know it’s difficult to see the smiles underneath our masks, but I promise you we are beaming!
We did it. For them. Because of you.

Thank you and be well,

Eve Anthony
Chief Executive Officer

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