Work in Progress

Good afternoon!!  We are so excited to be the first facility in Georgia to introduce this Motion Wellness System along the newly dedicated portion of the North Oconee Greenway that runs beside the ACCA property.  If you didn’t see pictures from the ribbon cutting, Click HERE.  ACCA puts an emphasis on fitness and wellness and we were so excited to secure the funding needed to add this system to our facility.  It is an outdoor fitness system distributed by Xccent out of Wyoming.

Why is it important?  One out of three adults age 65 and older fall each year but hardly any of them discuss the problem with their doctors.  This system helps promote balance and activity to keep older adults active and is available to anyone.  A quote from Xccent reads,   “Our outdoor fitness equipment acts as healthy lifestyle magnets… it brings friends, communities and coworkers together outside, engaging in fun healthy activities.”

The system is not quite ready for visitors but will be soon so stay tuned!!

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