ACCA In Action

ACCA In Action

Dear ACCA Friends,

As the public health crisis emerged, we ensured that those we serve, those who are the most vulnerable to the covid-19 virus, will not be left behind. In 48 hours, we closed the majority of our programs and shifted our daily operations with an abundance of precaution, compassion, and, most importantly, action. We quickly transitioned our programs into one critical mission and a pledge to our entire community that no senior will be left behind.

We are fulfilling this commitment by concentrating our resources into three focus areas:

Providing food and basic needs: Through our Meals on Wheels program, commodity and grocery pick-up or delivery and other essential deliveries to ANY senior in need within our community. In addition, our transportation program is available to provide rides to critical medical appointments

Daily Safety Checks: We are all facing uncertain times and through daily phone calls by our case managers and trained staff to those we serve, we are ensuring that they are well, feel safe and have everything that they need

Virtual opportunities for older adults to have social connection: We are linking those we serve to community volunteers to provide notes of reassurance, share children’s artwork and other creative ways to ensure that seniors know that their entire community is behind them.

We are facing extraordinary losses from the reduction of critical programmatic funding streams. Resources are being stretched and we need your help to provide support to expand our capacity during this time of increased demand.

Your charitable donation will immediately assist with providing our seniors basic food and essentials, and above all, reassurance that ACCA will have the necessary funds available to ensure the sustainability of all of ACCA’s programs and quickly resume full operations once this public health crisis is over.

As you know, this situation is constantly evolving and changing. As we learn and understand more, we will continue to adapt and adjust to those changes in the coming days and weeks. If ACCA can help you during this time, please do give us a call or follow us on social media for updates. We’re here for you. On behalf of ACCA and our clients, I wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support.

Eve Anthony

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