Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

As we collectively work to keep our friends and families safe and well by social distancing, we are thinking of creative ways to stay connected to one another. During challenging times, reassurance is an important part of the equation and we want to ensure social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. This is especially vital for the older adults in our lives!

We at ACCA love the stories and images emerging of neighbors helping neighbors and have compiled a list of ways you, and your family, can safely reach out to make sure no senior is left behind.

Call and check on your neighbor
“Sheltering-in-place” has been an adjustment for us all. Let’s make sure the older adults in our lives feel reassured that someone is thinking of them. Reach out by phone and ask how they are doing. A friendly conversation will certainly lift their spirits!
Watch how one neighborhood created a new system of checking on their neighbors.

Run an errand
Let an older adult know you’ll be getting groceries and ask what they need. They are more apt to take you up on your offer if you are more direct. Safely drop the items off by maintaining social distancing. Place the items outside their door, knock and stand back at least six feet. Be sure to sanitize your hands throughout your errands to keep you, and your neighbor, safe.

Help an older neighbor with yard work
The weather outside is delightful! Help your older neighbor with some yard work by mowing their lawn, trim their hedges and dust off the pollen. Your kind gesture will likely ease their mind.

Share your Wi-Fi
Many older adults don’t have home internet service and rely on public access, many of which are now closed. By sharing your home’s Wi-Fi, you will help them stay digitally connected with their friends and family.

Cook a little extra
We are all spending a lot of time at home and in the kitchen! While whipping up your favorite dish or treasured family recipe, make a little extra. Take some over to your neighbor to enjoy. Please remember social distancing during the food drop-off.

Leave a note or draw a picture!
Break out the crayons and construction paper and spend some time writing encouraging notes to older adults in the community. Drop them off to ACCA and we will include them in the grocery and commodity bags being distributed weekly. Your thoughtfulness will certainly brighten someone’s day! Letters and cards can be safely dropped off to the ACCA lobby at 135 Hoyt Street Mon-Fri from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

For more information on how you can help seniors in need, call 706.549.4850 or visit

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