ACCA’s 2021 Annual Meeting

ACCA’s 2021 Annual Meeting

ACCA held its annual meeting Monday afternoon where staff and board members were recognized and thanked for their efforts in making 2020-2021 a successful year for ACCA.  This year’s theme, We Delivered, shows just how much our incredible staff, volunteers and partners did in the past year. At the meeting, staff members were recognized for their years of service and staff awards were given to recognize excellent leadership and work ethic, and outgoing and incoming board members were recognized and sworn in.

For more than 54 years, ACCA has planned, designed and implemented innovative services which meet basic needs, such as food and transportation and offer opportunities for meaningful engagement. Thank you for being a part of ACCA and helping us ensure that everyone in our community ages well!

ACCA’s 2021 Annual Video: We Delivered

Length of Service Awards

Michelle Sims, 25 Years

Tosha Sims, 10 Years

Phyllis Sadler, Angela Chavous, Dawn Wolff, 5 Years

Shayla Smith, 5 Years

Employee Recognition Awards

Robin Lacrimosa, ACCA Pillar Award recipient.

Debra Oliver, Ms. Eva Horne Award recipient. 

Swearing of New Board Members

Kelly Holloway, ACCA Board of Directors Chair swore in the new ACCA Board Members. Please help us welcome Gabe Brauer, President, Founder and Creative Director of Kaptiv8, Christina Moore, Retail Market Manager at Synovus Bank and Dr. Tiffany Washington, Associate Professor at the UGA School of Social Work.

Recognition of Outgoing Board Member

Kelly Holloway, ACCA Board of Directors Chair recognized Bob Burton, Laurie Douglas, Robert Hardell, Beverly Logan and Carol Sue Meech for their time and commitment to ACCA’s Board of Directors.

Pictured left to right: Laurie Douglas, Robert Hardell and Kelly Holloway

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