Beating the Heat Together: ACCA’s Fan Drive Provides Relief for Older Neighbors

Beating the Heat Together: ACCA’s Fan Drive Provides Relief for Older Neighbors

We all know how uncomfortable it can get in the peak of summer. Temperatures hover between the high 80s and 90s and make us thankful for the A.C. and fans we do have. But, what would life be like without those luxuries? Your house would likely heat up fast and feel more like an oven than a home.

As we age, it becomes harder to regulate our body temperature. This means extreme weather conditions (like Georgia summers) are extra tough for our older neighbors. And, as another scorching summer approaches, it’s important to remember that not everyone has access to air conditioning to stay cool. That’s where our fan drive comes in. For two years in a row, we have teamed up with Athens’s own Hughes Subaru to provide fans and relief for our older neighbors. 


Marah Brock: Driving Change for the Community

Marah Brock, marketing manager for Phil Hughes Auto Group was instrumental in helping make ACCA’s summer fan drive reality. Hughes Subaru supported ACCA long before Brock stepped on the scene, but she brought a new initiative into play.

“The support and care ACCA provides our community’s older adults really struck a chord with us. We wanted to ensure that they had all the necessary resources to continue their invaluable work.

“We really wanted to figure out how we could help ACCA during the summer months since they already had Turkeypalooza and Be A Santa To A Senior in the fall and winter. We eventually landed on a fan drive, and all felt this was a really great opportunity. Once we chose a fan drive, it immediately took off,” said Brock.


The Significance of a Fan

Longtime Athens’s residents TJ and Gloria both benefited from ACCA’s fan drive in the past and hope to receive new fans this summer. 

Before ACCA moved in, TJ remembers when ACCA’s building  was a train station and then a nightclub (one he frequented in his younger years). A jack of all trades, TJ spent his life learning new skills and providing for himself as a welder, car manufacturer, cement mason and everything in between. His philosophy is to learn as much as he can, but that has slowed down a little in retirement. Having a fan helps TJ to enjoy his well-earned time away from work. 

“It’s hot outside in the summer. It gets up to 100 degrees. You need to keep your house cool, and a fan helps me do that,” said TJ. “I have one in my living room and one in my dining room. I even have a fan on my porch to keep the bugs out of my house. They help a ton.”

Another friend, Gloria, found ACCA through their Meals on Wheels program. A hospital stay resulted in her not being able to cook for herself for a while once she was home. One of her caregivers at the hospital suggested she reach out to Meals on Wheels. The rest is history. 

“I don’t know where I’d be without ACCA or the fan drive. If I didn’t have a fan, I’d have to go to different stores and try to stay cool until night comes. Having a fan really helps, and I appreciate it so much,” said Gloria, who’s been a friend of ACCA since 2019.


Together, We Can Beat the Heat 

The simple gesture of buying a fan can be life changing for older adults like TJ and Gloria.  

“Christopher, ACCA’s Director of Development, talks about the impact these fans have – the older adults who receive fans are absolutely thrilled. They often deal with poorly ventilated and older homes. They aren’t able to use luxuries like AC. If you’re on a strict budget, it’s too expensive to turn on the AC in the summer. Having even just one or two fans makes a huge difference. They are so grateful to have the support and know that ACCA sees them,” said Brock.  

This summer, join us as we help keep our older community members safe and cool. When you donate a fan, you improve the comfort and well being of older neighbors throughout Athens.

“I’m grateful for everything I get. People don’t have to do anything for you, but I am so thankful for the ones who do give,” said TJ. 


Let’s beat the heat together and support those who need it most! Please consider donating a fan today.

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