Congratulations to ACCA’s KaDee Holt

From L to R; Sunita Singh (LEAD mentor), Sarah Freeman, Jarrod Prickett, KaDee Holt, Erin Podvin, and Jeff Brown

On Thursday, April 11, KaDee Holt, Director of Marketing and Communications at ACCA graduated from the 2013 LEAD Athens program.  The class is divided into teams of 5 people and each team is responsible for identifying a need in the community and implementing a project that addresses that need. KaDee’s team started READ Athens (CLICK HERE) which is installing Little Free Libraries throughout Athens to promote the illiteracy issues and to provide books to the general public.  READ Athens won the Best Project and the Best Video (CLICK HERE) award and KaDee and Erin Barger tied for LEAD Actress.  LEAD Actress is given to one female (in this case, two females) and one male in the class that best demonstrate the pillars of the program which are leadership, education, awareness and development and the award is voted on by the leadership class.  For more pictures of the graduation by Blane Marable at OnlineAthens.com, CLICK HERE.

LEAD Athens was started in 1982 with the mission to develop effective leaders committed to building a vibrant community.  The vision of LEAD Athens is to become the premier community leadership program inspiring leaders to exceed both their individual and collective potential.  Through Leadership, Education, Awareness and Development, participants are heavily immersed in community issues including but not limited to economic development, health and human services, education and local and state government. Team building, problem solving and decision making are also part of the program which yields a class of leaders ready to LEAD Athens.  The program is sponsored by the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce.

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