You Never Know Who is Helping Out at ACCA

Photo Courtesy Stephanie Bergamo

Athens Community Council on Aging recently had some of David Berle’s Horticulture 2000 class participants come out to the ACCA Community Gardens to get in some mandatory community volunteer hours.  The latest project involved planting tomatoes, driving t-posts into the ground for securing the tomato cages with bamboo poles, planting petunias, and watering.  We think UGA football stars Todd Gurley and Quayvon Hicks along with Thomas Hennessey and Dylan Orr had the job under control.  Thanks so much for coming out to work in our community garden.  All of the produce from our garden will go to the ACCA clients. Last year over 277 pounds of fresh produce came out of our community gardens for the ACCA clients. Thanks so much for all of your hard work.  We couldn’t do it without the community members that come out and volunteer with us! Thanks to Stephanie Bergamo from the Athens Land Trust for taking the pictures and providing the update to us.

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