It’s a Party at ACCA every day…

Residents at the Athens Community Council on Aging recently got a surprise visit from Project GRAD students from the Atlanta Public School System (APS) who were taking part in the University of Georgia Summer Institute which is conducted through the Office of Institutional Diversity.  The three-week program gives the students an opportunity to learn more about college life while attending classes each day, along with information sessions with UGA faculty and staff.

In addition, the students have the experience of living in dorms and touring the campus and community.  The students, who are rising high school juniors, were able to visit ACCA as part of their volunteer community service day.  In addition to realizing that the residents were an energetic, and fun bunch, evidenced by an impromptu dance competition which took place, the students also helped with arts and crafts activities while also playing games and conversing with the residents.

“This was a great opportunity for our students and they walked away from this experience with an entirely different view than what they initially had in mind,”  Volunteer service coordinator Renaldo Stover said. “This experience is something the students won’t forget and I think it will motivate them to continue to be positive and volunteer in their respective communities when they return home.”

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