Who is Ms. Senior Athens?

Ms. Senior Athens - Annette Barfield

Ms. Senior Athens - Annette Barfield

Athens Community Council on Aging is thrilled to have recently crowned the first ever Ms. Senior Athens.  Ms. Senior Athens will represent the vivaciousness of aging gracefully, both physically and mentally.  If you haven’t heard, the new Ms. Senior Athens is Mrs. Annette Barfield and below is just a little information to get you acquainted with her.  Throughout the next year, Ms. Senior Athens is going to keep us busy at ACCA as we try and keep you all updated on all of her activities here in the Northeast Georgia area.  Stay tuned…

Husband: H.C. “Buddy” Barfield
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 4
Great-Grandchildren: 2
Hobbies: Travel, adventure, ballroom dancing, gardening, sports.

“Throughout my life I have striven to give back more than I have taken. A healthy life is much like a gift; one that is better when shared. I have been blessed to give a part of my life to my church, school children of the community and those in need through volunteer activities. I sincerely believe that my physical and emotional life and health is a direct result of my faith; my volunteer efforts are by the grace of God. A healthy lifestyle can be enhanced by walking, exercise and eating right, as well as by sharing your gift of life through volunteering for others who are not as fortunate. My position in life in Athens, Ga., has been enhanced by my gift of good health, my marriage, my family, my church, and the community. I feel I have an obligation to share my talents and give back to my community through my work at Athens Regional Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospice House. I am honored to be considered for Ms. Senior Athens and will work tirelessly to promote my lifetime of wellness by advocating engagement and support by example.”

-Annette Barfield, Ms. Senior Athens 2011, personal bio written for the pageant

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