Starting Feb. 6, ACCA Host Free Aging Mastery Program

Starting Feb. 6, ACCA Host Free Aging Mastery Program

The Athens Community Council on Aging is empowering older adults to build their own personal playbooks for aging and living well. Starting Feb. 6, ACCA will host the Aging Mastery Program at its Center for Active Living and virtually on Zoom from 10:30 to 11:30 A.M. Created by the National Council on Aging, AMP is a free 10-week course designed to prepare older adults for life’s second half.  

“Our goal is to change societal expectations about the roles and responsibilities of baby boomers and older adults, and to create fun and easy-to- follow pathways for getting more out of life,” said a representative from NCOA. 

AMP is a national program with over 500 partner sites and more than 20,000 individual participants each year. Through this program, participants are exposed to 10 topics that help them thrive within their personal aging journey. Older adults are equipped with tools and knowledge to promote mastery in the following areas: exercise, sleep, nutrition and hydration, financial literacy, advance planning, medication management, community engagement and fall prevention. 

“Central to the Aging Mastery philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results and that people can be empowered to cultivate health and longevity,” said a representative from NCOA

Mastery is determined by each individual. Each participant sets personal goals and builds their own plans based on the framework provided by the AMP course.

“The Aging Mastery Program is a fun and engaging education and behavior change incentive program for aging well. Results show that program participants have increased their physical activity levels, healthy eating habits, use of advanced planning, social connectedness and participation in evidence-based self-management programs,” said Leslie Clark, ScD, CPH and co-instructor for AMP at ACCA. 

Nationally, AMP is highly recommended with 98 percent of participants finding the program fun and wanting to share their experiences with friends. The program is a great fit for current and new ACCA patrons. 

“The Center for Active Living offers a range of classes and opportunities to help older adults find fulfillment, well-being and purpose. I like the name Aging Mastery because it reframes aging as something affirming and positive. Aging can bring up a lot of fears and uncertainties, but it’s empowering to know that a new level of confidence and life mastery are possible. AMP is a great fit for CAL because it reflects that optimism and spirit,” said Allyn Rippin, Director of ACCA’s Center of Active Living.

Interested in joining the Aging Mastery Program at ACCA?

AMP will be offered every Monday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. from Feb. 6 to Apr. 10 in the Hudson Conference Room and on Zoom. This course is free for members and non-members through the Center for Active Living at ACCA. For more information, please contact Allyn Rippin at or call 706-549-4850. 

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