Thank You Classic City Rotary

L to R: Jennie Deese, Chief Executive Officer; Shannon Wilder, Rotary Club of the Classic City Present; and Eve Anthony, ACCA Chief Executive Officer

The Rotary Club of the Classic City presented ACCA $1000 at their December 17 meeting to be used towards their Squash Senior Hunger Coalition.

The Squash Senior Hunger Coalition is a new initiative aimed at combating senior hunger in the Athens area through programs and partnerships with local organizations who share our goal. Almost 9 million older adults in the United States are at risk for hunger, and Georgia is 8th in state rankings for older adult risk of hunger. The “Squash Senior Hunger” Coalition ensures that all ACCA clients are food secure with a commitment to serve all older adults within our community.

What does the Squash Senior Hunger Coalition do?  The Squash Senior Hunger Coalition has various goals including:

  • Creating and enhancing our partnerships with other area agencies and organizations who share our goal of ending hunger.
  • Raising awareness of senior hunger in the Athens community.
  • Identifying older adults who are food insecure using standardized measurements.
  • Creating innovative, sustainable, cost-effective, and outcome driven interventions.

Partners include the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, Campus Kitchen at UGA, Talmage Terrace, and the University of Georgia Food and Nutrition Program.

Here’s how you can help our mission