What Older Adults LOVE About ACCA!

What Older Adults LOVE About ACCA!

We think our members are the BEST around and couldn’t miss the opportunity to highlight a few of them. We sat down with a handful of our participants to discuss what they enjoy about ACCA. Their answers had us blushing. Read them below! 



David’s been coming to ACCA for eleven years, and treats us as his new nine to five. 

“My wife tells me this is my job. I get up every morning routinely around seven or eight and take my shower. By nine o’clock, I’m out of the house headed here, like I’m going to work.”

 David is very involved in our group activities. We can always count on him to get games started, and he is an active participant in our educational classes.

 “I teach people Connect Four. We also play checkers, bingo and chess…They [ACCA] have steady activities and are very informative. They’ll have lectures where people come in to teach us about diabetes, blood pressure, mental health, etc…They help keep your mind sharp.” 

 David’s also a jokester and enjoys having fun, which is something we can get behind! There are very few people that he couldn’t befriend. 

 “Everyone gets along. We all look out for each other and try to help each other.”



Kallista has been a part of ACCA for almost a decade. She first got involved through our Center for Active Living and continues to fuel her adventurous spirit through CAL trips. 

 “When I first started coming, I was coming for the trips. I love going places. You know, going to Stone Mountain, out of town and on little trips here in Georgia. It was nice being able to go and see other areas with CAL.”

 But, when she isn’t on one of CAL’s trips, she stays active through participating in classes at CAL. 

 “I really enjoy their classes, too. I take line dancing, and I take that because it helps my brain. It helps me focus and remember. I love that class. I like their art classes, too.”



Myrestine is one of twelve siblings. She’s learned how to love big and has shared that love with all of us at ACCA. When we asked her what her favorite part of ACCA was, she immediately said. “The people.” 

 “I get to make friends. They [ACCA] are very helpful, too. I use a walker, and some of them are my hands and my eyes, if I need it. Everyone at ACCA is super helpful to me.” 

 Myrestine keeps us on our toes, and we have fun with her. 

 “When they [staff members] see me coming, they say ‘here’s trouble’. I have fun with them. It’s a good time to come out and just get away from home.” 

 She also has a great perspective on growing older, and is an encouragement to us all. Myrestine has her mind set on aging and living well, which is something we applaud at ACCA.  

 “Growing old is a great thing to do. So many people don’t get to grow old. They die young. My mom made it to 93. I’m 84 looking to be plus 93.”



Patricia has been coming to ACCA for seven years, and we are so lucky to have her with us. She cares about the people at ACCA and always makes sure our cafeteria staff feels appreciated. 

 When we asked her what the best part of ACCA was she said, “The socializing, getting to sit with people and eat together. The ladies in the cafeteria are always so friendly. When we want to come eat, we can just come in here and get us something to eat.”

 She also loves the community she’s found at ACCA and has learned a lot through our educational events. 

 “ACCA is a good social outlet. It gives you something to do, and you continue learning. I just came back from a meeting where they taught us how to use CashApp and PayPal. So, they’re teaching us a lot of practical stuff.” 


Are you interested in having fun and staying active with us? Visit accaging.org/services/health-wellness/center-for-active-living.

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