Hygge Your Way Through Winter

Hygge Your Way Through Winter

Denmark is said to be one of the happiest nations on earth despite its long, dark winters. What’s their secret? It might be hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), a funny sounding word that is the Danish antidote to the winter doldrums. “Hygge” roughly translates into “coziness” and connotes a feeling of warmth and togetherness. No matter where you live, winter can be isolating. Social calendars slow down; weather-related depression peaks. Hygge encourages us to embrace the season with optimism rather than dread. It’s a time to connect with friends and loved ones, get cozy indoors and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

Light candles around your home.

Did you know that Danes light more candles per person than anywhere else in Europe? Their warm glow creates an inviting atmosphere and soft lighting that’s perfect for relaxing and socializing. Dimming lights can have a similar effect, too.

Embrace the quiet of a winter morning.

Hygge is all about connecting, and that can mean spending quality time cozied up with a good book (the paper kind), your favorite cup of tea, wooly slippers and a cozy blanket. Don’t forget to unplug your devices.

Create a clutter-free home.

Hygge is about creating spaces that are relaxing and visually pleasing. Focus on simplicity rather than excess by clearing out stacks of papers, bills, and collectible that no longer spark joy. Bring in natural elements from the outdoors, like wood stone and greenery.

Warm up with some homemade mulled wine.

Mulled wine, or glogg, is a popular spiced holiday drink that is quintessentially hygge. A mug of this warm elixir adds cheer to the winter months.

Hygge-On! at the Center for Active Living. Our classes and trips are a wonderful way to stay engaged this Winter with our vibrant community. To learn more about the Center for Active Living, please contact Allyn Rippin, Director, at (706) 549-4850 or arippin@accaging.org.

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