Meet The Author: Jonathan F. Putnam To Visit ACCA

Meet The Author: Jonathan F. Putnam To Visit ACCA

Author of the Lincoln and Speed Mystery Series


Avid Bookshop presents author Jonathan Putnam, for his book FINAL RESTING PLACE: A LINCOLN AND SPEED MYSTERY. This event will take place at the Athens Community Council on Aging on Wednesday, July 18, and will run from 12pm to 1pm. This event is free and open to the public. Avid will be onsite selling books, and we encourage you to purchase a copy and get it signed by the author!

You can buy a copy of the book online here:


Twenty-nine year old Abraham Lincoln has spent his entire adult life running from his past – from the poverty of the dirt-floor log cabin where he was raised, from the dominion of this uneducated father, and from a failed early courtship. But now, Lincoln’s past is racing back to haunt him.

It is the summer of 1838, and Springfield is embroiled in a tumultuous, violent political season. All of Springfield’s elite have gathered at a grand party to celebrate the Fourth of July. Spirits are high, until a prominent local politician is assassinated in the midst of fireworks. When his political rival is arrested, young lawyer Lincoln and his best friend Joshua Speed are back on the case to investigate. It’s no ordinary trial, however, as Lincoln and Speed soon face unwelcome complications. Lincoln’s ne’er-do-well father and stepbrother appear in town and threaten Lincoln’s good name and political future. And before long, anonymous letters start appearing in the local newspapers, with ominous threats that make Lincoln fear for himself and his loved ones.

As the day of reckoning arrives, the threats against Lincoln continue to escalate. Lincoln and Speed must identify the culprit and fast, before Lincoln loses the race to outrun his past in FINAL RESTING PLACE, the brilliant third installment of Jonathan F. Putnam’s acclaimed Lincoln and Speed mysteries.


Jonathan F. Putnam is a writer and attorney. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, he is a nationally renowned trial lawyer and avid amateur Lincoln scholar. He currently lives with his family in London, England. This is his third Lincoln and Speed mystery.

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